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Thanks to A Bra That Fits I've found out my true bra size and no longer suffer from backpain or problems like the band of my bra sliding up and my boobs falling out of the cups. I went from an 90B (40B) to an 80F (36F) and could not be happier with it!
Before After

Before finding my proper bra size, I always knew my bras were incorrect. I wore a 32DD for a long time, knowing I was too small for a larger band size and unable to find larger cups. The band felt so incredibly tight due to having to stretch across the breast tissue that wouldn't fit in the cups! I used the A Bra That Fits calculator to discover that I SHOULD be wearing a 30G bra. I had a bit of cup shock at first, but it fits me so, so much better. :)
Before - 32DD After - 30G